CFF teachers are invited to join the CFF Subject Area listservs. Please encourage your teachers to sign up! It is hoped these listservs will provide a communication medium for connecting teachers and ideas across the state! A primer for using subject area listservs is available on in the top section.

To join a subject area listserv:

Address an e-mail to:

The subject is ignored

In the BODY type: subscribe cffxxxxx (the list) yourfirstname yourlastname

Social Studies




CFF Adminstrator and Coach Listservs

While the Coaches’ listserv is a fantastic resource for collaboration and connection, administrators can also

enjoy the opportunity to connect by joining one (or more!) of the specially designed CFF listservs.

To join listservs below:

Address an email to:

The subject is ignored

In the BODY type: subscribe CFFxxxxx (the list) yourfirstname yourlastname



Tech Director


Curriculum Director






Data Collector


Communication Via the CFF Subject Area Listservs

Classrooms for the Future invites you to collaborate with other CFF teachers across the state of Pennsylvania. We have created listservs for CFF English, Math, Science, and Social Studies teachers.

What is a listserv?

A listserv is:

• A place to network

• A place to get ideas

• A place to share successes

• A place to share challenges

So, it’s a group of individuals with like interests who communicate about those interests via e-mail. By simply filling in one e-mail address for the listserv, your message will be sent out to all those individuals who subscribe to that listserv.

Why use a listserv?

Suppose you are looking for a new approach to teaching a particular topic using the tools you received as part of CFF. You can write up a quick description – as general or specific as you like – and send it off to the listserv. In a matter of moments, you could get responses from colleagues across the state!

Maybe you’ve just had a wonderfully successful experience in your CFF classroom. You can share this success with other CFF teachers, who are teaching the same subject.

When you find a great resource for your subject, you can share it with others across the state. You can tell how you used it and why it worked.

CFF subject area listservs are a valuable means of communication. They offer you the opportunity to collaborate with teachers across the state. With an active subject area listserv, you’ll have new ideas, new colleagues, and great resources.

Listserv Etiquette

While it might seem easy to get an answer from the listserv, many of your CFF-specific questions should be directed to the person most able to answer them, for example:

• Your CFF Coach – your first stop

• Your district’s technology support team for troubleshooting issues

• Other district resources

Congrats and Thanks

When a teacher shares a great idea, wonderful resource, or success on the listserv, please thank or

congratulate her/him privately, as replying to the entire listserv may overwhelm listserv subscribers.

Replying to the Listserv

Due to the nature of these subject area listservs, clicking REPLY is the equivalent of REPLY ALL. As a result, it is absolutely necessary for you to include your signature in all e-mails to the listserv. This will allow (and encourage) other teachers to reply directly to you, rather than to the entire listserv. Your signature should include:

• Name

• Title

• District

• Phone Number

• E-mail Address

• Other pertinent addresses (Skype, website, blog, etc.)

When a teacher shares a great idea or a wonderful success, please thank or congratulate her/him privately.

Collaborative Spirit

In the spirit of collaboration, if you receive responses privately, we request that you post a synopsis of the answers/suggestions in an appropriately named e-mail to the listserv. This will ensure that everyone gets to share the great ideas.

Sharing Documents

If you are sharing documents with teachers across the project, remember that not everyone is using the same version of MS Office. So, if you are using Office 2007, please save to an earlier version, so that everyone can open the file! This may be true within your own district as well.

Which One of Those 100 Messages is Important?

Clear Subject Lines

Make sure other teachers find the e-mails that are pertinent to them. Clue them in with a clear Subject Line, e.g. Beowulf (rather than: need a teaching idea)

Change the Subject

Please make sure you change the subject line when your response/content of your posting differs.

Too Much Information? Try Mail Filters

Your CFF Coach can help you set up a filter on your e-mail account so that all of your listserv e-mails go to a particular folder in your inbox.

Above all, enjoy the collaboration