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Louis CK, from the Conan show, comments on the state of technology today

Why do a digital story project? We weren't sure until we, as coaches, decided that we were finished with helping with tedious iMovie projects that took weeks to complete, were not accessing the Higher Order Thinking Skills, and were not challenging the students to choose images that provoked thought and emotion.

The points to remember here are:
1. These digital stories are used to enhance a lesson, not transform or change it
2. Use your original plan or lesson and go from there. If the students were originally writing a memoir or essay, this is just an enhanced way of doing the lesson
3. Not tech heavy...But script and writing heavy

Key Sites:



Free Images/Free Music: Or should we say copyright free?


How have we used Digital Stories?

For creative writing and digital memoirs. We use blogspot for our student poems; check us out http://mind-Inchoate.blogspot.com

For Social Studies


What technology do I use?

Macs? We use iMovie with Garageband, Finalcut
PC's? MovieMaker, Photostory http://upperdublincff.wikispaces.com/Photostory Thank you Stephanie!