Table of Contents


9:45 Introduction
  • Myself
  • My Classroom
  • My Philosophy of Technology Usage
9:50ish What this session is all about
  • Using technology for data collection/manipulation: The interaction of Google Forms, Wikispaces, and Microsoft Excel
  • Context! Instead of giving students the data, they become the source of data..No longer are we calculating probabilities using imaginary marbles in an imaginary bag
10ish Google Forms
  • How to create...must have Google account
    • Create a form where students enter the country of origin of their current car and how many cars they have had
  • How to manage
    • Put form up and watch the responses roll in
  • How to publish
10:20ish Using Morning Routine Data to Illustrate the Concept of Variance Adding
  • Students have been keeping track of how long it takes them to wake up and leave the house, and how long it takes them to ride/drive/walk to school
  • Data is kept here: Mr. C's AP Statistics Wikispace (Group Links)
  • On the day of the lesson, they enter their data on two separate forms (found below)
  • Data will be copied and pasted into Excel Spreadsheet (also found below)
  • Students must enter each value and the likelihood of observing that value, the rest is calculated by Microsoft Excel
  • This lesson would take place after students have been introduced to the topic of Expected Value and Variance of a Random Variable

10:45ish Wrapup / Questions / Other Examples
Forms (Right-click and open in new window)
Let's Make a Deal (Game)
Data Entry: Let's Make a Deal (Form)
Results: Let's Make a Deal (Spreadsheet)

Trial Form


My Wiki:
Variances Add Explanations: Example 1 - Yale, Example 2 - Dave Bock, Cornell University

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