This session will examine the use of a social-bookmarking site (Delicious) in, and beyond, the math classroom.
  • Hear how it has been used in math classes (specifically, but not so after today!)
  • How to create your own
  • Come prepared to share some useful online resources in the development of a new Delicious page

Tentative time table:
9:45 - Hello!
9:45:01 - Overview of session (see 'Below')
9:50 - Value - added tool, for teacher and student...Delicious
10:00 - Getting started with Delicious - signing up, adding "buttons", saving bookmarks (Tags), getting in the 'network' (not Verizon!), sharing bookmarks
10:30 - Anchor activities, getting the laptops out - pros/cons
10:50 - Your favorite resource / help desk
11:00 - Applause...or eye-rolling

Here's a 3 minute, 25 second explanation of social bookmarking:

Get Started by experiencing Delicious!
  1. Go to
  2. Sign-in using the following: Username: mathgoodies \ Password: passw0rd (the 0 is a 'zero')
  3. Try adding a bookmark by clicking the 'save a new bookmark' link on the upper right-hand side of the page
  4. Paste the web address of the site you want to add
  5. Add a description (optional).
  6. Add 'tags' (really helpful)
  7. Click 'save'